Narrowing Down Your Car Selection
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Narrowing Down Your Car Selection

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Narrowing Down Your Car Selection

Do You Need A New Windshield? Factors That Affect The Price You Are Quoted

Enrique Miles

If your windshield has cracked due to road debris or an auto accident, you may be in need of  a new windshield. It is recommended that before you select an auto glass repair and installation center or collision repair shop, you call around and get quotes from different ones. But you may find that the quotes vary from one center to another. This may leave you wondering why. Here are a few of the reasons why the cost of a new windshield varies. 

What Type of Automobile You Have

One of the factors that affects the price you are quoted for a new windshield is the type of vehicle you own. The glass that is used in a large, heavy-duty truck or SUV is large and more challenging to install than the glass found in a compact car. As such, if you have a larger car, you can expect to pay more for both the cost of the glass and the installation because of this. 

If the Windshield is OEM or Aftermarket

Another factor that affects the price you are quoted for windshield replacement is whether the glass is aftermarket glass or OEM glass. OEM glass is original glass from the manufacturer. This glass has been cut to size by the manufacturer and features all of the exact same features as the glass that came with your car when it was new. Aftermarket glass is glass that is cut to size elsewhere to be placed in your car. It may not meet manufacturer's specifications for your car or may not have the same features. Aftermarket glass is cheaper, so your quote will be less if this is the type of glass used. OEM glass is more expensive, so your quote will be more if this is the type of glass that will be used. 

The Warranty on the Windshield

The last factor that affects the price you are quoted is the warranty on the windshield. When you have a new windshield installed, most companies cannot warranty against road debris hitting the windshield, as this is out of their control. But they can warranty against the windshield sliding or bouncing due to poorly installed seals or glue that didn't cure. Most comapnies that don't offer warranties have cheaper prices. Unfortunately though, this can come back to bite you if something goes wrong with the installation. Look for a company that warranties their work, even if it costs you a little bit more.

If you need a new windshield, cheaper is not always better. Always take the time to learn what factors can affect your new windshield quote and then select the auto glass repair and installation shop or collision repair shop that has a reasonable quote for the factors that are important to you in a new windshield.