Narrowing Down Your Car Selection
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Narrowing Down Your Car Selection

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Narrowing Down Your Car Selection

What Factors Affect How Frequently Your BMW Brakes Need To Be Replaced

Enrique Miles

Some brake pads can last for 60,000 miles, while others only last for up to 20,000 miles. This is a big gap, which may leave you wondering why some last longer than others. There are many factors that affect how frequently you need to have your BMW brakes replaced. Here are a few of those factors:

The Conditions You Drive In 

One of the factors that can affect how frequently you need to have your BMW brakes replaced is the conditions you drive in. If you drive in snow or on icy roads, your brakes are going to have a shorter lifespan than someone who never deals with snow. This is because road salt, and other deicers, wear down your brake pads and cause them to wear out faster. In addition to this, factors such as smog, dirt, and dust can also affect the lifespan of your brakes. 

The Type of Brake Pads You Have

One of the elements that have the biggest affects on how long your brakes last are the types of brake pads you have and their thickness. There are different kinds of brake pads, including carbon, ceramic and steel. Each material wears differently based on the conditions you drive in. Each also has its own cost. Generally speaking, the thicker the brake pad, the longer it will last. But the thicker the brake pad, the more it will cost to purchase and install. 

Your Driving Habits

The last factor that influences how long your BMW brakes last is your driving habits. Someone who swerves in and out of traffic and is constantly hitting their brakes is going to wear their brakes out faster than someone who goes with the flow of traffic and leaves adequate space to break. Also, someone who drives on surface streets and has to stop frequently for stop signs and traffic lights will wear out their brakes faster than someone who primarily drives in freeway traffic and rarely hits their brakes. 

One person may need to have their BMW brakes replaced every 20,000 miles, while someone else may be able to drive 60,000 miles before their brakes start squealing or making noise. If you are looking to extend the length of time you can go between brake changes, talk to your brake repair shop. They can recommend brake pads that will stand up to the conditions you drive in and your driving habits to help your brakes last as long as possible.